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RE/STAR! We have one main goal as a Top Dallas Real Estate services firm and that is to give you the best real estate services as possible! As your real estate expert in Dallas, We specialize in buying homes, selling homes, renting apartments, rental homes, property management, and relocation services. Our Dallas brokerage covers everything real estate related including: residential real estate for sale in Dallas, condos for sale in Dallas, luxury real estate Dallas, custom homes for sale, Lower Greenville homes for sale, apartments for rent in Dallas TX, Dallas lofts for sale, Dallas high rise condos for sale, lake houses for sale, Highland Park real estate, Preston Hollow homes for sale, University Park homes for sale, land for sale in Dallas TX, Plano real estate, Frisco real estate, Southlake real estate and so much more. We can do it all as your Dallas Real Estate Agent and at RE/STAR Residential Brokerage! RE/STAR only hires top real estate agents and VIP professionals in the industry to take care of every single client. Are you transplanting to Plano for the Toyota Headquarters relocation or perhaps relocating to Dallas for the new State Farm Richardson TX Headquarters? It doesn't matter, because we got you covered for all your Dallas Relocation and Texas relocation needs! We are proud of our thriving city and we love providing real estate services that help people move to Dallas. Also, our brokerage doesn't only work with your local Dallas Real Estate Brokerages and local REALTORS®. Instead we work with other real estate companies, REALTORS®, Brokers, moving companies, relocation companies, and any other real estate professional anywhere in Texas to help you move to any place your heart desires. Our RE/STAR relocation company has you covered for all your moving needs! RE/STAR Residential Brokerage is ranked as one of the Top Real Estate Companies in Texas. Our passion is people and you'll see why. When working with RE/STAR Residential Brokerage, you'll see that our company isn't your average local residential real estate brokerage. Our presence spans from Dallas to anywhere in Texas. Isn't that refreshing to know we have you covered no matter what?


RE/STAR Residential Brokerage can be used as a powerful tool for both buying and selling Real Estate in the Dallas/DFW Metroplex! If you are looking in Dallas, Plano or anywhere in Texas, we can help to make sure you get the most money for the value of your home! We'll run all the comps for you and tell you exactly how much your home, condo, townhome, or lake house is worth in this Dallas Real Estate Market! Prices and values are constantly changing, but it is my job to keep you educated so you and your family can make smart decisions. As your REALTOR® we got you covered!

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Sell Your Home or Sell Your Condo. When it's time to move, you need a Dallas REALTOR® who will find the market value of your home, market your home, show to prospective home buyers, negotiate the purchase contract, arrange home financing, oversee the inspection, handle all necessary paperwork, and supervise the closing. At RE/STAR Residential Brokerage we can take care of everything you need, from start to close. We will list your home on powerful national search engines such as,,,,, and our Dallas MLS Search! By doing this, We will give your home LOTS of attention to bring you as many potential home buyers as possible!


Consult On Home Selling Tactics. Oftentimes home buyers don't visualize living in your home the way you do. We can make your home attractive to first time home buyers or its ideal audience - which can help you get top dollar when selling your home in this competitive Dallas Real Estate Market. Things like staging your home, making repairs or minor home improvements, or even simply painting the walls can be the difference between a home resting on the market and one that's sold fast.

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Donate. So with every home or condo bought or sold, We will make a donation of $100 to Operation Kindness or other top rated charities. We'll handle all the hard work for you and help families across Texas find a home. We are in this together! Living our mission, one home at a time!

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As a Top Dallas REALTOR® who's an expert in Dallas Real Estate, RE/STAR and I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying, selling, renting apartments, and house renting. Some of our areas include Uptown, Downtown, Preston Hollow, Lower Greenville Avenue, Highland Park, University Park, Park Cities, Lakewood, White Rock Lake, Knox/Henderson, Garland, Allen, Southlake, Richardson, Plano, Frisco, and any place in the DFW Metroplex that you want to buy or sell your home. It's not the same at every real estate company, so you need someone you can trust for up-to-date information on the Dallas Real Estate Market. Here are some of the things RE/STAR can do for you as your Dallas REALTOR®: Find Your Next Home For Sale In Dallas, Condo, Apartment, Townhome, Lake-House, or Rental Home! You need someone who knows the Dallas Real Estate Market and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolex inside and out! As your REALTOR® at RE/STAR Residential Brokerage we can work with you to find the right home at the right price, including all the neighborhood amenities that matter - not to mention the essential criteria you have for your ideal home whether it's in Dallas or the surrounding cities. RE/STAR Residential Brokerage also offers Texas relocation. We can help with any moving situation that you and your family may have.

Buying An Acreage Property

Although the process of buying an acreage property is really no different than any other type of residential real estate, there are a few variables you’ll need to consider, which may not be immediately apparent. Elements such as accessibility, utilities, zoning, tax exemptions and mineral rights are all factors you should understand before moving forward with a property’s purchase. And just as important, working with a Realtor who has experience in the type of property you are buying, having a good survey showing the property lines, and choosing a lender with a proven track record for financing similar properties to the one you are buying will help ensure that you can fully enjoy the beautiful property you purchased.

Key Decisions

One of the first decisions you should make is what type of property fits your parameters. When reviewing your needs, keep in mind:
Do you want privacy or an open site?
Are trees important to have on the property?
If it’s a horse property, do you want a sandy loam soil?
If you’re looking for recreational land to fish, hunt or ride dirt bikes, are there any deed restrictions that may affect your intended use?
If you’re going to build a nice home, what can be built around you?
Where will you be commuting to and how long will it take to get to and from?
How much land do you need and what location will help you get the most for your money?
These factors will help you determine which part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area will have more options that fit your criteria. Each area, whether the northern, southern, eastern or western parts, offers different geography, soils, amenities, demographics, commutes and land values. The area we service, which includes the northern counties, offers a good balance of flat and rolling terrain, trees and open land, sandy loam soil, creeks, lakes, small towns and booming cities. Although the property values tend to be a little higher than in other areas, we feel the accessibility to unlimited conveniences and the potential for continued property appreciation due to the growth of Dallas and Fort Worth make it worth every extra dollar you’d spend to live here.

The Right Team

Once you’ve determined what area fits your wants and needs, you’ll want to work closely with a Realtor who not only has a sterling reputation in the area you’re looking in, but also specializes in the type of property you want. The agents at are all of those things and more. The experience we offer will make your property search and purchase much smoother and enjoyable. A residential real estate agent who only specializes in a particular may not be your best choice when it comes to buying an acreage property.
After coordinating with your real estate representation, your next step would be to talk to lenders who are qualified and genuinely interested in helping you. Make sure they have experience in financing the type of property you plan on buying. Exercise caution, though, as every lender does not have the resources to finance an acreage property. In fact, you have to be very selective, as most mortgage companies only offer traditional loan programs for residential property.
It’s a terrible feeling to find out that you can’t close on your new property, after all the hoops and over hurdles you’ve navigated, because your lender didn’t realize it was on acreage or has a high end horse barn that’s worth as much as the home. While the type of property is not as important during the pre-qualification phase, it is critical that you choose a financial institution who offers rural or land programs, such as a bank or specialized mortgage broker. To assist you, we have included a short list of area mortgage brokers, lenders and banks that specialize in financing acreage property in the “Buying a Property” section of our site.

Other Considerations

Here are a few more comments on what to consider as you look for your new home:
If at all possible, obtain the most recent survey. This will help you understand the layout and note any easements or floodplain issues.
What is the accessibility into the property? Does it have road frontage or do you access it by an easement? How, and by whom, is the road maintained? If it’s an easement, is it recorded? Is it shared by any other property owners? And if it is shared, is there a road maintenance agreement recorded? You’ll also want to make sure what third party easements affect the property
Consider the water source. In our area, it is usually supplied by a cooperative or private well. If it’s a co-op, find out who the company is and talk with them about water quality, reliability and get a copy of their membership agreement. If it’s a well, find out if it is private or shared. Once again, if it is shared, you’ll want to know with whom it is shared and ask for a copy of the shared well agreement. If there isn’t one, consider getting one. Also, have the construction and mechanics of the well inspected and the quality of the water tested during your due diligence period.
Is high speed internet important? Most rural areas don’t offer DSL or cable, so you’ll need to make sure there is a reliable wireless broadband provider serving the area unless you’ll be happy with a dial-up connection.
Another fact of an acreage property is it will most likely be on a septic system. Find out the type, the age as well as where the tanks and distribution field are. If you want to add improvements such as a pool, make sure the septic system won’t interfere. This is another item you will want a full inspection of. Speaking of inspections, not all inspectors are qualified to thoroughly inspect water wells and septic systems. Just like choosing your lender carefully, do the same when scheduling an appointment with a property inspector. Let them know specifically what you want looked at and make sure they are qualified or if they are not, that they can connect you with somebody that is.

A Comprehensive Picture

For horses, most equestrian owners prefer a sandy loam soil. Although there are horses in all regions of the Metroplex on every soil type, a sandy loam soil will make the time you spend outside riding or working with your horses much more enjoyable. If you want a sandy loam soil, a good rule of thumb in our area is to try to stay around the Hwy 377 corridor, which runs through Argyle, Aubrey, Pilot Point, Tioga, Collinsville, Whitesboro and Valley View, east of I-35. You also need to understand that Texas is a mineral state and purchasing the property for residential use, or even grazing uses, does not necessarily mean the mineral rights will be conveyed to you also. Without the mineral rights, you unfortunately don’t control who can access the oil and gas beneath your land. Although it would be ideal to have 100% of the mineral rights transferred to you upon purchase of your new property, the likelihood of that occurring is very small. It’s just part of living in Texas. At this time, most of the mineral activity related to oil wells is centered around the Barnett Shale, located in western Denton (along and west of I-35) and Wise counties. Although there are some oil wells in our area, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of new exploration going on. This could change tomorrow, though, so do your homework if you have any concerns. Most acreage properties are located in unincorporated areas, so there are very few zoning laws or ordinances governing them. To control what happens in a specific area, many property owners have added deed restrictions to control the land usage. These restrictions usually set the rules for everything from the housing size and type, number and kinds of animals that can be maintained as well as what you can use the property for. If this is a concern, or if you are buying the property for a specific use, you’ll want to verify whether or not there are deed restrictions and what they are. Also, as the growth moves northward, most counties in our area have some control over what you can do with your property, so it makes sense before you start constructing a building, adding a driveway or building a pond, that you check with the county to insure you are acting within the law. One other important thing you’ll want to find out is what type of tax exemptions are currently in place with the property. Agricultural and wildlife exemptions can significantly reduce your property tax liability, but there are restrictions associated with them. Once you find out which tax exemptions the property has, contact the county appraisal district and determine what you’ll need to do to maintain them once the property transfers into your name. These exemptions will save you money year after year. At, we specialize in homes on an acre or more, horse properties, ranches and land. We would love to help you find the acreage property you have been looking for. To get started, we just need a few pieces of information about what you are looking for. Connect today to get started.

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